Extraordinary healings

Literature abounds with detailed case reports of incurable cancers and their unexpected remissions or healings by pulsed or non-pulsed electric fields. They corroborate results achieved by Priore although in a majority of cases, treatment has been given to rather superficial cancers but yet they were as incurable as acute ones, and also of different kinds: cancer of the upper respiratory tracts, tongue, skin, breast, uterine cancers.... We are going to review the use, in medicine, of various techniques operating with electricity as well as their results, however minor, and therefrom draw a parallel with the technique used by Priore.

The lessons drawn from researches conducted on the "Priore field", raise great expectations especially when we consider that the results produced through techniques based on medical electricity were of relatively short duration (10/20 mins, with a maximum of one hour per session, twice or thrice a week, sometimes less). And one knows how important can a cumulated duration of exposure be.

The recommended time for a treatment is generally two, three or four hours, or more, daily during the initial phase and a much longer time would be necessary depending on how weak the radiance power level is. Such power, that is the capacity of the machine to polarize significantly the cancerous cells, will not only affect the time appropriate for treatment but also possibilities to eliminate acute and aggressive tumors. There is absolutely no doubt that facilities exist to make fast and easy progress in implementing efficient devices which would allow to apply sessions of short duration (with devices working at very high tension, Priore used to treat everyday, for not more than five to ten minutes, dogs, cats and humans with stunning results).

Moreover, in order to eliminate the tumor, it is essential to go through an immune mechanism and treat the tumor directly, but at the same time, the entire organism needs to be treated to stimulate organs of the reticulo-endothelial system (organs producing immunity cells).

Naturally, in the current situation, such treatment would not be exclusive of other therapies. Yet, extremely careful attention is to be paid to avoid a prolonged weakening of the immune system that could entail failure.

1 - The "radio-cellulo-oscillator" by G. Lakhovsky
Pr. G. Lakhovsky and physicians from La Salpètrière Hospital
Photo de 1932 montrant l'appareil et une des patientes en traitement (cancer de la face)
In the 1930s, healings of numerous incurable cancers occur by means of a rudimentary equipment, namely a transmitter generating high voltage impulses built by Professor G. LAKHOVSKY and put in operation in big hospitals of France, Italy and Greece. Numerous detailed reports exist (see below).

Without getting into technical aspects, (see Pioneers) we can say that those impulses of powerful energy running repeatedly from ten to a thousand times every second, carry a high frequency wave (one megahertz maximum) characteristics of which must not necessarily be very accurate. An antenna induced with numerous harmonics, is fed by such impulses. As with Priore, we touch here the general concept of shock, high potential, impulse, BF modulation, preferential frequency, etc...

Intrinsic shocks are thus induced at the level of the CELL MEMBRANE hence modifying its polarization of the membrane and by the same token its properties.

Naturally, quite a number of treatments have failed especially on acute tumors hardly accessible to the electric field, and more so because patients are admitted at a terminal stage of the disease, very often on the brink of agony beyond therapeutic recourse of any kind. And also, because the mechanism of biological action was misunderstood: it was believed at that time that those waves were destroying the tumorous cells. Today, thanks to Priore's works, we know that it is a local mechanism with a direct action on the cancerous cell, but particularly the immune one. So, it is necessary to stimulate the defensive system as well, by a treatment of the whole organism. Finally, the need to run the treatment for an adequate period of time was totally ignored. In contrast with PRIORE, studies on the duration of these sessions, their frequency, the cumulated time of treatment, the tumor status from the onset of the treatment, etc. are not available to us. In the meantime, we should stress the fact that the period of exposure, however limited, have allowed such extraordinary results!

No adverse effects have ever been recorded whatever pathology, number and duration of sessions may have been applied to the treatment. These "sessions" last 15 to 20 minutes and are repeated about once or twice a week. We note instant progress in the general condition, and the tumor, when it is superficial, regresses within a few weeks and disappears by a few months, even though the treatment has stopped. The impression is that of a retard effect.

Attempts to improve the results by means of pure continuous waves have all ended in failure (except for plant cancers, more sensitive to the least variations of electric field). The main reason was the absence of clear-cut impulses and the tension level used being far too low. For the sake of comparison, it was, in the first instance, equivalent to 100 kilovolts, and one to two thousand maximum in the lamp apparatus.

Let us remind the golden rule : It is not simply a matter of routing energy to the cancerous cell but inducing into its membrane a long-lasting polarization. The cell is sensitive to the electric field only. All the power of a device is meant to supply a powerful field and not to heat. And what about the current set of devices available to us, operating at very low impedance (that is, delivering a large amount of useless power and a minimal electric field)? Besides, Lakhovsky's successors have been able to increase significantly the power by increasing the current, but results were disastrous! All it did was to warm up! Almost a burning process! So, a cause of great exasperation to the "master".

Meanwhile, this heating element is an asset not to be neglected. It enables to slow down the cellular metabolism of the cancerous cell which is much more responsive than a normal cell. This may be a "plus" in a significant way, as it becomes possible to use intense electric fields at a high voltage from which a rise of induced temperature may be derived in addition to the effect of polarization.

Lakhovsky : some significant cases

It should be recalled that patients who were entrusted to receive treatment were in such desperate condition that one would rarely expect such astounding results to occur, but still there has been in all cases a regression of the tumor, a remarkable improvement in the general condition and the near disappearance of pains.


Skin cancers (facial)


In the internal angle of the eye (spino-cellular) an uneradicable tumor. Before and after treatment: Not only had the tumor totally disappeared but - as with the Priore field - we note a skin perfectly healed and a regeneration of tissues. It was back in 1932 ...!an uneradicable tumor. Before and after treatment: Not only had the tumor totally disappeared but - as with the Priore field - we note a skin perfectly healed and a regeneration of tissues. It was back in 1932 !
Facial cancer

Result after 15 days (2 sessions)

healing within a month

Skin cancers (arm)

No comment!
Other clinical cases

At De la Salpétrière and Val de Grâce hospitals in Paris, years 1931-1932, tens of patients in despair were given treatment, but unfortunately not early enough and not long enough. Some were healed, all of them presented unexpected remissions and considerable pain alleviation.

In a paradoxal way, the treatment may have been deadly sometimes because too efficient: patients showing extreme sensitivity to the waves, get their tumor literally dried up. Unfortunately, the regression speed does not allow feeding vessels the necessary time for a similar speedy resorption. And so, quite a number of patients were lost through much aggravated haemorrhage.

Below, some notable cases of skin cancer.

Example 1 Mrs C..., 68 years old, ulcerated face cancer for three years. (biopsy: Epithelioma). A ten-session treatment. Spectacular improvement of general condition from the very first sessions then total Cure.

Example 2 Mr M..., 80, Biopsy: baso-cellular cancer of the left arm in fast-developing phase, ganglions. At the end of ten sessions, the tumor has almost disappeared; biopsy, however, shows a discreet persistance under the indurate scar. Treatment unfortunately stopped.

Example 3 Two patients in terminal phase of tongue cancer (so, area accessible to waves) with submaxillary adenopathies (ganglions) were in a clearly improved state before being both victims of a devastating haemorrhage at the level of the tumor in resorption process (mechanism has been reviewed). Cases in the same category as the following one:

Example 4 Enormous thoracic tumor (sarcoma?) of ten kilos! Following ten sessions, near disappearance of tumor shrunk to mere scab. Then enormous haemorrhage carrying off the patient, once more by the same mechanism.

The lesson to be drawn from these haemorrhagic thrusts would be to carry out a surgery in order to reduce the tumor as much as possible before the treatment.

The following examples are a selection of remarks gathered in the 1930s from various european hospitals using Lakhovsky's machine.

Healing of an ulcerated breast cancer +++, recurrence despite two surgical interventions after ten sessions of treatment (Drs Postma, Groningue, Hollande).

Subject of 60 years old, breast cancer recurring on surgical scar. 30 sessions. Almost integral regression and excellent general condition. Dr. Karsis, Athens.

Facial cancer: epithelioma of eye internal angle. Recovery after 10 sessions. Three years after, nothing (Pr. de Cigna, Genoa).

Conclusion :

The best results on record relate to cancers which are more accessible to waves particularly skin cancers whether they are primitive or cutaneous metastases of acute cancers, or mouth cancers. It is probable that acute cancers will require longer exposure to more powerful devices.

We could thus continue with more examples of clinical cases but to protesters it will always be no more than a collection of selected observations. And so! It is our hope that the multiplicity of observations showing relief and even cure, will be food for thought. Yet still, there could be objections about certain patients having been subjected previously to customary methods (radiotherapy, surgery). The answer is the following: effectively, it is a matter of treating cancers which have been resistant to normal methods and reduced to terminal phase. Obviously, care has been taken not to include questionable reports in that respect.

And last but but not the least, there is no room for ostracism: if a perfectly supported electric treatment makes it possible, via a stimulation of the immune defences - generally targeted by research teams - to transform the defeat of classical therapeutics into success by combining with them, why be deprived of such facility?

Part of the answer is given by electroportation, a technique practised in France and in USA. In the case of cutaneous cancers, it involves the combination of a powerful electric discharge and local chemotherapy. In this way, the cellular permeability to medication is increased, the effect of medicine is thus enhanced and a reduction of its dosage becomes possible. The pulsed electric fields of Priore and Lakhovsky may be viewed as an electroporation which is directed to the entire organ. The difference is, on one hand, the focus on the action of immunity stimulation and on the other hand, the absence of combined chemo. Nothing prevents the perspective of such combination for some selected cases and providing essentially that the immune system is not weakened by the chemotherapy (extremely delicate combination).

Important note :

Although the issue is not strictly based on the use of electric fields, we cannot remain silent about hopes in a possible combination of both therapeutics. In the United States, attempts have been made over the last thirty years, to apply a combination of chemotherapy and microwaves especially on incurable tumors of the oropharyngeal sphere. Amazing and thorough remissions have been observed, unfortunately followed by relapses. On the whole, survival does not seem to have been improved. The reason is quite simple. Microwaves in its application has a heating objective only. In this particular case the technique is completely different and does not at all allow that any significant polarization be carried out on membranes of cancerous cells. The use of high voltage devices is imperative in the process of cell polarization.

Such devices do exist: Radars, they are an obstruction in military surplus stock. Capable of operating at tens of thousands volts and set at a power level that would enable them generate, in addition to their cell polarization capacity, a heating effect to which the cancerous cell is sensitive. Associated with other electric fields, these radars constitute one of the basic components of treatments we advocate... they are fully tried and tested. (Device Building). Its combination with chemotherapy is not an end in itself but could very well be a step halfway between, till finalization of an equipment enabling to treat exclusively by electric fields.

So far, technique by itself opens up the way to great hopes.

So, from a technical point of view, we note the following

- No powerful magnetic field is associated with the emission (difference with Priore).

- The machine generates electric impulses of almost similar direction because of a huge absorption by the antenna (Pioneers) and (Device Building).

- These electric impulses are much more effective at high tension (50 to 100 Kilovolts minimal intensity) than medium tension (1600 volts at triodes on lamp devices and continuous waves). In this connection, there is an experiment (Pr Roffo, Buenos Aires, 1932) which consists of placing cultures of cancerous cells into nodes (minimum tension) and antinodes (maximum tension) of the waves. In the latter case, we note a lessening in cancerous growth, and nothing in the other.

- The frequency of impulses is linked to that of the network or the mechanism of tension rise, i.e. maximum of 100 per second and often less.

- Those impulses carry, in theory, the High Frequency data 0.8 to 1 Megahz (frequency found in some of Priore's initial assemblings). So, because of the absorption already referred to, we may wonder if the impulses carry nothing else but themselves. It may be interesting to check such an assumption as long as we get close to the electric network frequencies of 50/60 hertz.

In addition, the experimental equipment - consisting of production of impulses (+) or (-) at very straight front, some tens of hertz under very high tension - can be easily built for specialized labs (EDF: Central Electricity company in France). Devices of similar type are being used already in researches on sterilization (farm-produced industry).

2 - Cancerologic effects of pulsed high-frequency waves

This refers to a high-frequency transmission supported by 27.12 mhz (standard frequency requirement for industrial and medical equipment) and low frequency pulses of 80 to 600 times per second. So, the average power which is transmitted goes up to a maximum of tens of watts - quite an inadequate level to generate a heating effect. The most famous of these machines is called Diapulse*. It operates at 1500 volts, thus generating electric fields very much higher than transistorized devices and operatiing at low tension. It is indicated mainly for rhumatology and inflammatory phenomena.

Aspect of the transmission: symmetrical High Frequency impulses


It did not take long to realize that a process of stimulation of the immune defense mechanisms existed and that its indications have been extended to warts, acne, chronic infections (cutaneous staphylococi, sinusitis +++, etc). Some physicians tried to find out if such immunity stimulation could be of use to cancerology. Notwithstanding a lack of approval, a certain number of patients suffering from incurable cancers have been treated with noticeable results concerning their general condition, pain and survival status. Treatment sessions were scheduled every day for an average of 20 minutes.

Below some examples selected by Dr Marcel (private surgery) and Dr Besombes (1972, De Coulommiers Hospital -France).

Mr G. 55 years old, patient with tongue cancer: Surgery + cobalt. Terminal phase. No food. Opiate medication. At the end of ten sessions approximately, started to take food again and refrained from opiate. However, disease in soft progress leading to death three months later.

Mrs B... cancer with lumbar metastases. Terrible pains. Major antalgics, morphine. Two treatments per day. Three weeks later, in spite of cancer development, takes aspirin only.

Mrs P... abdominal invasion by unoperable uterine cancer. Life expectancy from two to three months. Treatment everyday. Extraordinary results on general condition. Tumor growth stopped. Patient back to normal life 15 months later. Thinking she had safely recovered, she stopped the treatment she considered too constraining. Relapse the following weeks and decease.

Mrs O.. Kidney tumor+++ (very aggressive tumor, invasion point). Nephrectomy only. Pulsed waves on daily basis, then twice/thrice weekly. 18 months later, no sign of recurrence!

Similar cases are numerous. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on factors specific to each individual, to the status of the tumor, its localization. Yet, there is an element which is common to each of the above observations. It is the remarkable antalgic and anti-inflammatory effect, a complement to the anti-cancerous effects.

Conclusion :

It is unlikely that this technique on its own could produce a great number of successful results, especially in the case of much advanced cancers. There could hopefully be a slight improvement in terms of results by using devices which perform with much higher tension, tens of kilovolts and somehow different frequencies. And this, still for the same reason: It is not a question of transfering power but rather inducing by electric fields a persistent cellular polarization. Such devices exist in the form of radio station transmitters working with lamps. A technique still in force in the case of powerful transmitters.

Especially, it appears that the Low Frequency (80 to 600 hertz) "coating" of the signal is superior to the High Frequency it carries. Therefore we are confronted once more with the question about Lakhovsky's devices: Is the LF/HT feature a predominant one? There again, it seems interesting +++ to study the biological effects of impulses (+) or (-) at very high tension (see above).

Roy. Rife's pulsed high frequency

Briefly, it is a technique which differs from the previous one in terms of tension levels used and impulse emissions being constantly (+) ou constantly (-).Briefly, it is a technique which differs from the previous one in terms of tension levels used and impulse emissions being constantly (+) ou constantly (-).

The case of Dr Roy Rife is controversial. There has been some reticence to mention him since his ideas appear to have diverged to mercantilism. Besides, his researches and methods being misunderstood, have given way to paranoiac and frenzied attitudes from anti-medicine supporters and universal plotters against unrecognized genii. Whatever the case, it is in the 20s/30s that he finalized a machine meant to rid cancerous cells of inclusions which, he believed, were viruses causing the disease, in order to restore the cells back to a normal state.

It is a complex transmitter which, at low frequency, generates impulses of high frequency at very high tension; such impulses being (+) or (-) on account of the superposed position of the continuous field. The whole is carried into a large neon bulb which distributes the composite electric field.

Hereunder, an example of diagram and appearance of resulting electric impulses.

The treatment bulb contains neon. It radiates an electric field created

By HF impulses (about 11.8 or 23.6 mhz) superimposed to a constantly positive or constantly negative field. Therefore there is never inversion of the latter. The whole being pulsed at low frequency and very straight front.

Appearance of impulses on Rife's apparatus

That American practitioner has been a victim of harassment - undeniably - hence, evoking the legend of an "Establishment" plot as generally advocated by inventors yearning for recognition. It is nonetheless true that, being particularly prolific and rigorous, he had, like Priore, established the construction of his equipment probably on the basis of erroneous hypotheses, which equipment has been successful in treating and sometimes healing incurable diseases. This can be evidenced by various physicians who have used his equipment.

1932 was the time of success for Lakhovsky at De la Salpétrière Hospital. A study of his equipment revealed quite a number of astonishing similarities with Rife's apparatus. 1932, extraordinary coincidence as both men are unknown to each other, and it is also the year when a series of sixteen patients suffering cancer in terminal phase, are treated by R. Rife. These patients were chosen by a committee of doctors for their desperate condition and treated under the committee's supervision three minutes every day (which appears extremely short). Three months later, fourteen of them were declared clinically cured by a committee of five doctors!!! Neck cancers, stomach cancers as big as oranges had totally disappeared! During the following years, more victories over cancers, tuberculosis, ulcers etc. were obtained (we find here conventional indications of pulsed electromagnetic waves). As for Rife, all he got from these extraordinary events was... a lawsuit which led to his downfall (see JP Lentin's well documented piece of work "Ces ondes qui tuent et qui soignent" meaning Waves that kill and heal - Ed. Albin Michel).

Although too good and hard to believe, this is a story with testimonials from numerous witnesses among whom, doctors who participated in the treatments. From the viewpoint of authorities concerned, the cause of grievance is the usual one: the experiments have not been conducted in accordance with standard statistical rules. Was there an alternative?

We ourselves would not have mentioned that story as it sounds so incredible. Such a high percentage rate of success is unbelievable! But the reference was deemed useful following a detailed study of the equipment whose concept revealed characteristic similarities with those of Lakhovsky and Priore (twenty years later) at a time when they ignored each other's existence. Common traits are to be found in their respective destiny as well. All three realized astounding results, had to face the hostility of the scientific community, died in abandonment just the same way. In short, the three of them were relentless experimenters more concerned about improving their achievements than establishing a concept.

The hostility expressed by a majority of the medical corps is understandable considering that behind the scenes of cancerology, numerous crankies of all sorts are busy advocating, in the name of a self-declared truth, the rejection of proven therapeutics. Even so when they are not prompted by mercantilism. So far, they have contributed to no advancement at all. Furthermore, we need to admit that it is not easy to readily accept that some isolated individuals, pathetically equipped and acting off their own bat, have come to success where highly prominent men have failed. Yet, it is regretful that such a tiny group of physicians came to be puzzled by those results beyond expectation

3 - Healings by constant regulated flow of current (ionocinesis) : once
      more a matter of polarization

It is a simple technique (too simple?) and extraordinarily effective on certain types of tumor. The everlasting problem is, of course, the need to apply it at a relatively early stage. Given the circumstances today, one must obviously choose proven therapeutics in compliance with the "usual" treatments for cancers. Cases may however arise when cancers have grown beyond the level of conventional treating methodologies, for instance, at the end of their evolution, in the case of aggressive skin cancers at early dissemination, or when treating an elderly patient, and even early cancers for which clearly defined guidelines are lacking (case of prostate cancers beginning to grow).

It is a simple technique (too simple?) and extraordinarily effective on certain types of tumor. The everlasting problem is, of course, the need to apply it at a relatively early stage. Given the circumstances today, one must obviously choose proven therapeutics in compliance with the "usual" treatments for cancers. Cases may however arise when cancers have grown beyond the level of conventional treating methodologies, for instance, at the end of their evolution, in the case of aggressive skin cancers at early dissemination, or when treating an elderly patient, and even early cancers for which clearly defined guidelines are lacking (case of prostate cancers beginning to grow).

At least, there could be, in addition to conventional methods of treating inexorably condemned relapses (just think about the multitude of breast cancer recurrences at pre-metastasis stage), another type of treatment which is perfectly supported and operates at low cost. Are currently known to us, absolutely inexplicable recovery cases (hepatic metastases of digestive cancer) of patients applying this technique on a daily basis. However, in the light of the current legislation, it is advisable to be very cautious, even when acting on compassionate grounds given the very stringent laws of ethics.

One of the greatest advocates and user of this method has been, 15 years ago, the Swedish Professor B. Nordenström, at that time Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee, who can pride himself on excellent results in his department at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. He established a complex theory on power circulation within the organism using a percutaneous electrode which penetrates the tumor by its connection to a generator operating under ten volts approximately. The other electrode is applied at a distance upon the skin. The device is kept in place for about ten days and entails a local change in the ionic atmosphere of the cells, hence in the polarization of their membrane.

Results : Out of 26 patients suffering from incurable lung cancer, 50% are still alive six years later! In spite of such evidence, the technique not in common use in cancerology, has been denied recognition mainly through a lack of understanding of its operating mode (?) alas! To our knowledge, it is back in use by the Chinese. Yet again, it should be pointed out that better results would have been achieved had the cancers been subjected to treatment at an earlier stage of their evolution and also technically, if the voltage applied had been much more important and the treatment time extended. To achieve this goal, we may focus our attention onto the electroporation techniques described above.

In Paris, France, Professor Bader, Director-to-be of INSERM (medicalwise, the National Centre for Scientific Research - CNRS), came to realize in his department at H. Mondor Hospital in Créteil, sensational regression and pain alleviation of tongue cancers by using a technique of "negativation", a legacy of veterinary experimentations. It involves a local application of negative electric charges provided by a small generator. His professional responsibilities prevented him from carrying on endeavors in that promising direction.

In Bordeaux, a city particularly endowed with prolific researchers, it was in a more discreet manner that Dr J. Janet regularly achieved absolutely fabulous results. He has been using for the past 30 years - taking us back in time - an apparatus that delivers at some tens of volts a power which has the distinctiveness of being constant and regulate. He named his technique "Ionocinesis". The power is used alone. It carries up to the tumor some very effective ionizable anticancerous medication whose usage via normal routes is restricted due to its toxicity. By this mode, all the "benefits" go to the tumor, rendering the use of such medication possible.

He had a rather contant trend of successful realizations improving the general condition of cancerous patients under his care and alleviating their pains. Together with his trainee students, he has obtained wonderful victories over incurable cancers. He quotes documentated observations of several cases of incurable cerebral cancers among children or hepatic metastases of cancers in terminal phase (cf. Thesis by Dr D. Moulinier, trained by Dr Janet, Faculty of Medicine of Bordeaux, 1984). Some examples are outlined below.

Ph. D.., ten years old: Femur osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Surgery impossible. Immobilization. Radiotherapy and pseudarthrosis (lack of consolidation of cancer localization). Cured after a few months treatment.

Mrs P..: Highly developed uterine cancer expanded to abdomen, inoperable. At the end of twenty sessions, remarkable regression of the tumor, a major part of which could thus be removed by surgery. A microscopical examination of the operative segment revealed a blockage of mitoses meaning that the cancerous cells are not killed but their multiplication has stopped, so allowing the immune defenses time to work - more so, considering they are stimulated by the electric field. In any case, the cancer at its point of dissemination would not have been eradicated by surgery only. Yet, this patient will be cured.

Mrs B..: Foot nevocarcinoma (highly malignant degeneration of mole). A cancer of the most fearful type. Its progression is devastating. Large darkish metastases spreading over the whole of the lower limb. Failure of all therapeutics. Following treatment, total disappearance of masses, and healing.

Dr Mouliner's thesis on Ionocinesis illustrates quite a number of results and examples. Reference is made to a young boy suffering from an epiphytic tumor, another from a cerebral tumor at paralysis point, and other types of cancers: breast, colon, uterus, prostate, etc...

4 - Other electric polarization technics : inotherapy and static electricity

We will shun the untimely and controversial subject of chemical treatments directed at modifying the polarization of the membrane. It concerns in particular various tensio-active elements (soaps) whose purpose in veterinary medicine (IV or IM injections) has shown positive results in different degenerative diseases; it is for instance the case of a detergent (!) : The "EPEG" - ester of polyethylene glycol.

There are some electrical techniques with much less assertive results than what has been outlined so far. Yet, we are going to refer to them because their action is also based on an alteration of the membrane polarization. Our interest lies on the absence of High Frequency electric fields which are replaced by an outward source of electricity and significant static fields. As a matter of fact, Priore constructed a "cabin" that has been patented. There, he draws his inspiration from the works of another Frenchman, R. Jaquier, as well as from Russian doctors. This proves that High Frequency electric fields are a means among others and that there is no dogma, no magical mixture of radioelectric frequencies. Priore's obsession was effectively a polarization of the cell whatever be the procedure applied.

With this device it is possible to fix negative electric charges (positive ones cause disease aggravation as polarization is effected the reverse way) on enormous molecules of terpene (say terebinthine) by making them go through an intensive electric field. These polarized molecules are inhaled in the form of vapors by the subject and transmit their charges to the tissues they come in contact with. Priore brings a final touch to this mechanism, presenting a cabin in which the subject, in connection with the earth, is exposed to an electrostatic field of several tens of thousands of volts to enable him keep those charges as long as possible. He was therefore able to obtain interesting results, though much less than those he realized with his transmitters. Like Jaquier, he achieved with this method pretty good results in cancers being in contact with the electric flow: mouth, tongue, palate, tonsil, larynx, lung etc. He has always obtained pain sedation, often unexpected remission, sometimes cancers in desperate condition could be declared cured.

Priore's Patent for a cabin of static field and electricity loaded terpenes Tension up to 80 Kilovolts !

5 - Healings by Priore     

The subject is vast and a brief outline of the results on man will not meet our purpose. Of course, it is neither a statistical survey based on standard criteria, but rather a collection of success stories compiled for the sake of making people, even among the most sceptical, question themselves. Besides, there is evidence of cure in specific cases where biopsies have been conducted before and after treatment.

It must be recalled that the cure is absolutely indisputable and is replicable on mice of 20 grams affected with incurable cancers, on rats of 250 grams, and on cats and big rabbits weighing several kilos. The latter will therefore correspond to the weight of a new-born child and such a possibility by itself opens up to fantastic hopes since the treatment parameters are more or less the same for man and animals.

Naturally, healings among grown-ups are not systematic. Priore knew the reason why. The number of healings would have been countless if the great majority of patients calling for treatment had not been desperate cases, often in terminal phase; even at that point, if only the power of the equipment available to him had been commensurate with the weight of the body to treat (70 kgs for an adult compared to a cat of a few kilos, or a mouse of 20 grams, we need to multiply the power by 25 in one case, and by 300 in the other). Hence, we come to his last machine, the tremendous M600.

Due to restricted means, Priore was deprived of facilities to raise the power level of his devices. So, he opted for clever and complex adjustments in order to increase their productivity. Improvements of minor importance but so invading that the majority of observers were brought to believe mistakenly that they had an essential role in the process.

Moreover, it should be noted that all the scientists - indeed, the totality of them - who conducted major studies on Priore's works, and in particular a large number of biologists, doctors, university physicists, his day-to-day collaborators, were staggered and enthused by the quality and importance of the outcomes. Some did not hesitate to stand up and face hierarchical opposition, risking the label of "gullible fools". And one knows how disastrous it is to open oneself to ridicule in university circles.

Unhesitatingly, are outlined below some examples of "gullible fools" !! Be the judge:

- Gullible fool R. Pautrizel, Professor of Immunology, the best in France in his special field, WHO expert, he will give ten years of his life to show the immune mechanism of radiation. In lieu of reward, he will be deprived of his laboratory!

- Gullible fool Professor R. Courrier, reputable cancerologist, Chairman of the Science Academy, keen advocate of Priore, he used to work personally on the transplant of tumors and presented several papers to his assembly.

- Gullible fools - Renowned cancerologists who conducted the entire experimental work on the equipment. Cancerologists from Bordeaux (Pr Delmon, Pr Biraben), Paris cancerologists (Pr M. Guérin, Pr M. R. Rivière who will dedicate two full years to cancerology work in Priore's laboratory), cancerologists from the most famous anti-cancer Institute in England (Pr Haddow, Pr Ambrose).

- Another crowd of Gullible fools, all professors of Medicine at the Faculty of Bordeaux. Irrespective of any order, we quote G. Mayer who conducts histology studies on treated animals, Cambar, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy: he heads the medical commission in charge of validating experiments (with certified report! we've come to such an extent!).

- Discreet Gullible fool but not anonymous J. Bader, Professor of Medicine, influential expert and Director of INSERM - the prestigious national organization of medical research in France, he heads and coordinates the work of thousands of top researchers. He will be at work unflaggingly and in all discretion for the construction of the devices. He is currently supervising the works conducted by an important university team in Bordeaux - Out of an inclination for ridicule?

- Gullible also, a certain G. Courty, re-elected by his peers in medicine President of the "Conseil de l'ordre d'Aquitaine", an organization full of gullible fools as you may guess!! Professor Courty, together with Professor Dubourg, celebrity of surgery in Bordeaux, has wilfully published a study outlining spectacular clinical progress (tumor and adenopathies thawing, pains, general condition) and the biological betterment of about fifteen sick persons suffering cancers at terminal or outgrown point. Yet again, those physicians were in a position to present unexpected remissions and inexplicable healings.

- Last famous Gullible fool, A. Lwoff, one of the "fathers" of DNA theory, Nobel Prize of Medicine. Following an unbiased study of results, he will be one of the most ardent supporters of Priore, to the extent of claiming the construction of a machine in the prestigious anticancerous Centre of Villejuif in Paris; failing this realization, he will experiment in the very laboratory of Priore on the latter's ultimate device.

We are not yet close to the end of the listing... Beside the medical corps, the scientific, political and industrial world respectively are not outdone:

- Astonishing Gullible fool: J. Chaban-Delmas, Mayor of Bordeaux, Prime Minister, National political leader. Publicly and unceasingly supporter of Priore, the latter's apparatus was inaugurated by him; he used his authority to fight opposition from top officials concerning a funding allocation to the inventor. Overtly risking his career by some scandal about "Government funds to support quack" (the press would be merciless).

- Another assembly of Gullible fools: The Regional Council of Aquitaine. By unanimous vote of members, of all political leanings (whereas confrontation never ends in this assembly), approval to allocate two million francs just after Priore's death, in order to carry on the latter's works within the University.

- Still more incredible Gullible fool if ever possible, the firm Leroy-Somer, huge industry for the construction of electrical equipment, becomes Priore's associate and injects in this adventure an investment of ten million francs (1.5 million euros).

- Physicists are Gullible fools as everybody knows. Especially when they are lecturers at the Faculty, or government experts, and exert themselves to mobilize research in universities in order to fulfil the whims of Priore... Surely this must be the reason for their relentless efforts to understand and reproduce "The Machine", in Priore's time already, and also after his death. They carry on with the work, still.

- A special note with regard to the State Secretary for Research, other Gullible fool called J. Joussaut-Dubien, scientist of high calibre who mobilized his staff to finance non-official university researches on the Priore Effect. Still today, though in retirement, he maintains passionate ties with the advancement of these works.

- Well-known nest of Gullible fools: the Military Research departments have been active in their collaboration to the measurements of the machine and... Attempted a reconstruction of it for tehir own use (D.R.M.E. confidential report).

- The comprehensive list of Gullible fools will end with the C.E.A. (Commission of Atomic Energy). The CEA will place in secondment one of its most brilliant engineers and use its influence and enormous technical resources for several years, to participate in the secret construction project of a Priore apparatus at the University (it is in operation today without results). This was only a few years ago. They are so much naive at the CEA that some Gullible fools were still pursuing their efforts, fifteen years after Priore's death.

In short , among the sceptical, the great assailants of Priore, none of them actually worked on the subject!!! Nice illustration of Cartesianism and incisive judgment, yet so common throughout the history of revolutionary discoveries.

And finally, why trying to treat with contempt the opinion formed by hundreds of ill people, placed in a situation where medicine appeared to have been at the bottom end of its resources, and who unexpectedly found remission, annihilation of their sufferance and even sometimes, miraculous healing?

Once again, it is possible to understand the reticence of a large number of doctors who must deal with the terrible agony of their patients, to readily accept that a man, destitute and all by himself, could have succeeded where so many distinguished teams of researchers have failed. Moreover, so many times they have been confronted with quacks of all sorts, those whose reputation or good fortune are made out of an anti-medicine dogma. Those who speculate on the last hopes of people suffering from this incurable disease. However, our perplexity is more about the lack of intellectual curiosity from a few. After all, the information might not have been to the level of the discovery.

Back to healings, we must say that they are numerous and directed to a wide range of diversified pathologies that go beyond the cancerology field to integrate a rather vast sphere, that of the organism restoration system.

A law of "Self Preservation" does exist. It is the law of any living organism aiming at its safe keeping, in the best possible condition, as long as possible, protecting itself against any attack, any external or internal risk. It is therefore actuated to eliminate anything that does not belong to its true nature because a threat to its survival. Such a function is assigned to the immune system. Hence, begin the struggle and destruction process against all bacteries, viruses, foreign bodies but also, against any cell that does not conform, be it foreign (in the case of blood group or organ implant), unhealthy (cancerous cell), or sometimes simply a modified cell.

This immune system integrates itself and operates along with a more integral system of cell restoration targeted at the preservation of the organism integrity, a kind of permanent struggle against degradation, ageing and death. This restoration system seems to overpower the previous one in order to get the survival operation on track. From a biological point of view, it is equivalent to reflexes and psychological attitudes of what is called "survival instinct". This explains the closing up of a wound, a trifle in everyday life but an amazingly complicated process and no wonder a liver almost totally destroyed by hepatitis regenerates integrally (please note that some species are capable of regenerating a full limb, which is not more complicated than the liver, and that the human DNA has been able to keep the hidden memory of such mechanism).

These considerations give an explanation about various aspects of action by the "Priore fields" in a wide range of pathologies. All go as if it were a stimulation - or a collapse - of capacities of the conservation/restoration system and the cancerologic effects of which are not more than an application.

Effectively, in addition to results in cancer and infectious diseases, Priore can present successful achievements in areas as varied as rhumatology, bone tuberculosis, scar forming, pain abolition, normalization and collapse of excessive cholesterol levels (paper to the Science Academy), regeneration of organs, not genetically formed for such action (rabbit testicles, another paper to the Science Academy) as well as in various severe degenerative pathologies such as multiple sclerosis.

We are conscious that such a listing can be evocative to all those who have fallen a victim to the numerous quacks of cancer and other incurable diseases boasting about the miraculous proprieties of their methods and universal panacea. Yet that's how it is. By stimulating the restoration and preservation systems, the "field" permits to effect improvements in a wide variety of areas where cancer, as mentioned earlier, is only an illustration

Example : Before, we were totally unaware of the immunological nature of multiple sclerosis. Now it is known that it comes from a destruction of nerves by antibodies the organism manufactures against itself. The liability of a viral infection on a genetically predisposed organism is more than probable. This immunological element is the explanation to Priore's unexpected successes against the disease when we establish a relation with the radiance action mechanism.

Another very significant example : Normalization of cholesterol level. Although the study has not been conducted on a human being, it is referred to on the basis of outstanding similarities.

Experiments take place in an experimental lab (INSERM unit) at the Faculty of Medicine of Bordeaux under the supervision of cardiologists among the best from hospitals.

Rabbits fed exclusively on fat are shown with an excessive level of cholesterol. Under radiance action, this level gets far below that of a normal animal. The lowering effect is maintained several weeks after treatment has stopped and despite a high cholesterol diet. Results are confirmed by the sacrificing and examination of the big arteries which indicate a regression of atheroma blotches (vessels are obstructed by them) formed by hypercholesterolemia! As outlined in a Paper to the Science Academy ( C.R.A.S. dated 20/12/71 tome 274, pp488-491, 17/01/72).see Bibliography

At that time, as in the case of multiple sclerosis, the role played by immunity was unknown, particularly the cell immunity which is called macrophage in the regulation of these blotches (the way a sanitation man operates).

Increased level of cholesterol in a rabbit on fat diet, with or without treatment

It must be acknowledged, therefore, that the organism is endowed with unsuspected resources, and to intervene in this particular line opens up onto fantastic therapeutic perspectives. It takes no more than a review of initial results in the use of "root cells" capable eventually of regenerating any type of organ. Only ten years ago, the mere allusion to their possible existence outward certain organs, or mentioning their extraordinary potential, would be enough to have any Med student expelled from the Faculty. Meanwhile, a study on root cells and their properties had been described by a well-known American researcher, Dr Becker, who was persecuted for having been right, too soon.

In the field of cancer itself, a distinction is to be made between (a) results that Priore obtained on animal cancers and which were constant, replicable and carried out under the direct supervision of biologists and physicians, and (b) his successes on humans, failing to meet the standards of methodology practised in that field. For instance, there is no double blind experimentation, nor any statistical argument.

The accumulation of results, unexpected remission of cancers in terminal phase, authentified healings based on pre and post treatment biopsies (several examples will be produced), considerable soothing or disappearance of pains, constant improvement in general condition, systematic relapse after remission in case of premature interruption of treatment, unanimous testimonials of satisfaction, all of the above form the basis of argumentation. And yet, what forceful arguments!

Let us recall, one last time, that Priore was solicited generally when all other therapeutics had been exhausted, "just in case", and at a dramatic point of the disease. Patients were found in so severe condition that there was barely any hope. The inventor was not fond of therapeutic archives, having a preference for treatments. In addition, medical files were the property of either the hospital or doctors, and so were rarely directed to Priore who, besides, was not at all bothered by such a situation. However, several cases of healings supported by biopsies (microscopical exams) can be withdrawn from the archives. According to Professor Pautrizel, physician of great integrity, there are tens, indeed thousands of dossiers of the sort.

As a first example, the case of Gaston R. In 1955 the microscopic analysis report of a biopsy of the larynx is formal: Epithelioma (Dr Biraben, Report No. 72741 of March 10, 1955). It is a laryngeal cancer at initial stage. The patient refuses surgery in order to receive the "Priore treatment" during two months. New biopsy: mere hyperplasia, which means a benign cell anomaly (the difference is the same between a hyperplasia of the uterine mucous membrane which is cured by hormonal treatment, and a uterine cancer with therapeutic results easy to guess), but in no case a cancer. In other words, the treatment has transformed a cell affected with cancer into a healthy cell to watch. A slight variation but a big difference: in one case, there is cancer, in the other, none.

Besides, all the elements in this matter and particularly the microscopical veterinary observations reveal that the Priore field permits, at an early stage of the disease, a "neoplasic reversibility" of the cancerous cells. Which means, as noted as early as 1960 by physicians of the anticancerous centre in Bordeaux, that "everything goes as if those cells had lost their cancerous characteristics. In some way they are back to normal, and if, for the immune system, they are not, it will work at their elimination."

N.B. : This phenomenon of neoplasic reversion is found in therapeutics of some types of leukemia where monstrous leukocytes (white corpuscles) come back to normal size by the action of certain medicine.

The second example is dated 1954. It concerns a 12 year old boy, Alain B. Conclusion of the microscopic analysis of samples: malignant reticulo-sarcoma. All doctors know that it is a death warrant in the very short term. A dreadful cancer of the lymphatic system (c.r. No. 1322421, Dr Angibeau, Saintes Hospital, Charente). In spite of this awful verdict, the teenager benefiting from the Priore treatment, will be totally and definitely cured from this terrible disease to the extent of receiving from his doctor, twelve years later in 1966, a certificate confirming the absence of chronic illness (Dr J. Moulinier).

The third example - and it will be the last - comes from Professor G. Courty, Chairman-to-be of the Regional Council of Aquitaine (Ordre des Médecins), Head of the Pneumology Department, physician of integrity and hardly likely to be suspected of collusion. He strongly believes that Priore, maybe by chance, has come across something very important and with the courage of his convictions makes a declaration thereon in the media.

With a stronger will, he publishes along with Pr. Dubourg, the Bordeaux referent as far as surgery is concerned, a study about a dozen cases, the majority from his department. It must be pointed out that it was quite exceptional to make such a move in the medical and university environment where permanent judgment on peers and the medical ethics impose extreme precaution and the observance of stringent lines of action. Risking to irremediably compromise his career, he addresses a report to the Science Academy, on case studies of a dozen patients, all of them presenting inoperable, incurable, terminal cancers.

The first seven cases deal with lung cancers. There is confirmation of a systematic improvement of the general condition, which doctors consider outstanding. The patients start eating heartily, are back in strength and on foot, feeling no more pain.There was simultaneously an improvement of the V.S. (witness test of the organism inflammatory level) and of the N.F. (test to determine anaemia associated to cancers). They are able to receive treatment one hour only per day (very much insufficient at this stage) and will die peacefully.

The following are even more puzzling cases especially being incurable ones.

- Mr T. - Inoperable and advanced lung cancer: Discreet chemo uneffective on tumor (this treatment alone has never cured such a cancer at that level). The "Priore treatment" is applied several hours daily. Results by the eighth month: Thawing of mediastinal adenopathies (enormous masses of ganglion tied up to the cancer causing rapid death by suffocation, and killing even more rapidly than the tumor). Twenty months later, that patient who was lost is living very comfortably despite his slow-growing tumor.

- Mrs T. - Had surgery in 1977 for brain tumor recurrence: Confirmed by biopsy (astrocytoma meaning a dreadful tumor, totally incurable). Attempts to slow down its evolution by chemo and radiotherapy. Total failure. In February 1978, faced with the imminent fatal outcome, "Priore treatment". About two years later (the document is drafted in December 1979), this patient considered lost is still alive!

- Mrs D. - Advanced rectal cancer: Objects to traditional treatments. Cancer reducing by half with "Priore treatment". Relapse with fast aggravation during a three-week breakdown.

- Mrs D. - Inoperable vaginal cancer: Expanding to the bladder. Shrunk by half after five weeks of "Priore treatment". Considerable improvement of general condition. Despite everything, resumption of tumoral development after three months. The treatment, like the lung cancer cases mentioned above, will do no more than putting off the fatal date yet permitting a much better comfort.

- Mrs P. - Very adhering rectal cancer, Refusing surgery, she is condemned. In spite of a palliative radiotheraphy (by which healing a cancer at such point is absolutely impossible), tumor aggravation. We are in 1977."Priore treatment" everyday during nine months. Complete disappearance of tumor. Several negative biopsies in 1979. Doctors conclusion: HEALING.

Those few cases are far from being the most illustrative. Furthermore, they are all about overgrown cancers. Let us just think about what could - and what would - have been done, had the cancers been much less advanced (besides it is not at all prohibited to associate with other conventional treatments the "Priore treatment" which appears to be a strengthening tool. See chapter below). We have chosen to report on them because they come from highly qualified university sources and the mere fact that physicians of that level commit themselves tells a good deal about all the seriousness and importance of Priore's results.

Our final word will be the conclusion of this prominent medical team :

"We are fully convinced that it is an innovative scientific method against cancer"

6 - How the "Priore treatment" positions itself beside conventional

How to define this position? Probably, the day we will have at our disposal a powerful and reliable equipment capable of reducing the duration time and the number of sessions, most of the current therapeutic indications of cancers and severe degenerative diseases will go obsolete. While we look forward to that blessed moment, the "Priore fields" indications may be summarized as follows:

A - Treatment of precancerous lesions, simultaneously with preventive measures or conventional medicines. Let us take a few examples :

First exemple : Oesophagus, Stomach.

Some pathological situations, in particular excessive alcohol, bad teeth, chronic stress, hiatal hernia (the stomach, distorted, allows its acidity protrude through the oesophagus which cannot bear it), etc. cause an inflammation of the oesophagus, hence a predisposition to an extremely serious type of cancer. Of course, we can try to remove the activating element(s) of the disease but even then, it is sometimes too late to check its evolution. The oesophagus has not yet turned cancerous but we know it would start to be so whatever we may do. So, we merely keep watching over regularly in order to be able to undertake surgery from the very early signs of cancer (the operation involves much mutilating, endured with great difficulty and rather ineffective. It is performed under constraint and obligation).

The "Priore field" may find here an excellent indication because its action is particularly effective at the beginning of cancers, and still more at the time the cell switches from a precancerous anomaly state to a cancerous one. It seems to act by modifying the conditions and the electric environment at cell membranes level. In one way or another, it brings them to "stabilize", and also allows the immune system to eliminate cells which are too abnormal. Consequently, it has been possible to observe from various animal biopsies and on man that cancerous cells have been transformed into normal ones without being destroyed. This is called phenomenon of neoplasic reversion.

The Priore fields induces a neoplasic reversion

- Mode of application : A treatment by external fields is conceivable including regular prescription of several irradiations, or even to have, at renewable predetermined intervals, an esophageal probe permanently in place for the required treating time. It is then an internal irradiation, in contact with the diseased mucous membrane.

Naturally, other remedial considerations as number of sessions, treatment duration, repeated cure over time, are to be studied in a similar enthralling manner.

Second example: Skin and Mucous membranes precancerous conditions:

Let us take for example certain precancerous lesions of the face, mouth or vaginal mucous membrane presenting a serious risk to degenerescence into genuine cancer. Surgical or cauterized extermination are not always feasible and relapses are the standard rule. There is no effective medicine. Sometimes the only attitude that one is left with is regular monitoring. The borderline between cellular anomaly and irreversible cancerous state is tenuous. It is so easy for the one or the other to swing over. One can anticipate what would mean a treatment able to overturn these lesions development. The "Priore field" has been perfectly good at this (several biopsies bear testimony) and it takes very little at this point to have either the right or the wrong option in dealing with these lesions.

- Mode of application: internal, endocavitary for mouth and vagina external for the face

Third example: Mastoses and other chronic breast anomalies

At times, it is difficult to draw the line between an early cancer and a benign lesion to check. Besides, beyond diagnostical uncertainties, a benign lesion may very well grow into a cancer. Just imagine the feelings of a woman expecting a verdict from the radiologist every six months. If administered before the disaster, the treatment which helps to stabilize the condition, or even to overrun the tendency, would avoid thousands of mutilations performed on preventive grounds. And indeed how much anxiety would be spared!

- Mode of application : external field.





























B - Cancers treated at an early stage or those not easily accessible to classical therapeutics.

Examples consist of certain facial cancers hardly accessible, early prostate or breast cancers.

1. Let us consider a face cancer of inaccurate bounds localized near the eye (see Lakhovsky's healings above). It is a kind of cancer that can very well be sensitive to conventional treating methods. In fact, it is impossible to envisage a radiotherapy given the proximity of this fragile organ. In addition, a surgical procedure will leave part of the tumor in place so as not to attack the eye. A recurrence is to be expected.

Here again, the electric treatment permits to get rid of the tumor with no complication and with as much facility as it is superficial.

2. Early Prostate Cancer

It has been observed that, among elderly people who died of a disease other than prostate cancer, there were sources of prostatic cancer which had remained unnoticed until then, and did not develop despite the lack of treatment. Consequently, a prostate cancer in an elderly person may be left untreated if it does not manifest itself, hence, an alternate measure to antihormonal medication to slow down its progress.

However, it is totally different in a young subject where the cancer is very often pretty much aggressive. At an early point of the cancer, the only thing one may be sure of: aggravation is inescapable. Thus the obvious questions are:

A) Should this early prostate cancer be treated?

B) What are the means available?

One must take into account the growing speed of the tumor, frequent metastases, age of the patient etc. The treatment protocol to try and halt the tumor evolution is complex and very much on discussion. It often combines radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery without any guarantee as to their effectiveness as far as survival is concerned. What is beyond doubt is the fact that such a cancer will inexorably develop and its progress will be very hard to stop by conventional treatments.

Here, the treatment by electric fields would find a suitable place, as it concerns an early cancer not very sensitive to usual therapeutics. Moreover by its localization it is very accessible to electric treatments either external or internal (permanent urethral or rectal catheter/probe, the prostate being a few centimetres from the anus). And we should not forget that nothing prevents that the greater part of this tumor be surgically removed. Let us recall once again the effectiveness of these electric fields on early tumors, before their volume and extension become an obstacle to their action.

3 - Early breast cancer

Still and again for reasons of efficiency and total innocuousness at this level, we dream of the perspectives which are offered by such treatment applied with minimum doubt on a discreet anomaly of the breast, the xray or biopsy of which is not formally reassuring (currently and with justification, certain hormones are being used to stop cancerous degenerescence of some suspicious nodules). So many interventions legitimated through doubt have thus been prevented! To what extent has it been possible to stop cancer growth ?



























C - Wide tumoral masses and general cancers

We did mention, at the beginning of this chapter, our conviction about the potential appearance of the type of equipment which will be so powerful that our current mutilating techniques will look so antiquated. For the near future, we are equally convinced of the rediscovery of the Priore effect and of its applications by means of devices which, not being powerful enough, will need to be combined with conventional treatments.

If we take the example of a deep cancer, less accessible to electric fields, it is possible to combine these fields with conventional surgery, in view of facilitating the treatment and downsizing the tumor considerably. Even targeted radiotherapy can abide by its indications as long as it does not hamper action of the electric treatment. Only the anticancerous chemotherapy is to be feared. All observations indicate the absolute need for a good quality immune system, inescapable for the success of the treatment. Besides, what should be retained from these remarks is that far from antagonizing the two methods, their combination converge to a mutual strengthening of both. It has hence been demonstrated that cancers usually resisting radiotherapy and moderately responsive to electric fields, become sensitive when both methods are associated.











There is every reason to be optimistic for the years to come. The only serious competitiveness to electric fields are certain revolutionary genetic techniques using root cells. We are tempted to say "May the best win!" But yet, is it not more important to win this wonderful battle over death? The works conducted by Priore and other pioneers are sure indication that victory is at hand.

As for ARTEC Lab, with no public or private subsidy other than funding from collaborators, they are proud to have contributed significantly to the synthesis and advancement of those forgotten works. There is no obstacle other than financial towards finalization of this research and practical construction of experimental equipment.